We use Macintosh based CAD software (PowerCADD™ v9 / Wild Tools™ v10) to create custom designs for clients. Here are some examples of various system components:

We spend a lot of time communicating verbally, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The .pdf links below explain septic system options available on a parcel of land based on overall soil depth under current Washington State regulation (WAC 246-272).
Requisite caveats: 1. Individual County codes are based on the WAC but no two Counties will be the same (that’s part of why you hire MSi). Therefore, some details may be inconsistent with your County. Don’t worry about it because: 2. This graphic is intended to summarize significant options, not list all possible system permutations........

Another attempt at the same thing, for those who like more words than pictures: